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The Gathering is held at the Ipswich Turf Club, which offers significant infrastructure for those with accessibility requirements. This includes:

  • Limited parking in a bitumen car park off TC Cooney Avenue that is suitable for wheelchair access. Note that only some of these car spaces are disability compliant for high needs dismounting. However, the car park is flat, with ramps to the front gate, and is the closest parking available to the main event.

  • Access to most areas within the grounds, including ramps along with two lifts to access second story venue areas. Please note that some areas such as the re-enactments and Pipe Band Spectacular will be on grass and may not be accessible to some.

  • Accessible toilets, located next to the lift at the northern-most building.

To enter our accessible car park a valid government issued disability parking permit is required to be sighted to gain access. No registration is available and spaces are limited. If you miss out on a park, you may drop off patrons at the front gate where seating is available.

To access the car park, turn down TC Cooney Avenue off Brisbane Road, and follow the signage near the front gate (approx. 100m from Brisbane Rd) to enter the car park.

We realise the day can be long and a table to sit down at lunch may be just what you need to get ready for an action packed afternoon. The Barnyard Restaurant, run by the Ipswich Turf Club, is taking bookings for lunch. To secure your table call The Barnyard Restaurant directly on 0732821500 or get more details on the restaurant here.

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